Never miss another lead.

The power of lead retrieval.

Capture important business and sales leads with the click of a button!

Using leading-edge scanning technology, instantly capture valuable contact information from attendees’ trade show badges, or track and monitor attendee traffic at conference sessions. Eland’s on-site staff supports every show ensuring flawless execution.  For secure online ordering, click here.

Lead retrieval app. Immediate access to attendee information. No waiting. Go faster and greener (no need for paper print-outs).

Use your own web-enabled device or rent ours (iOS or Android). No learning curve with your own device.

Simple as 1-2-3. Order the service via our website. Once at the show, scan or enter an attendee’s badge number and instantly capture and download their information into your device. Easily add notes to their data record.

  • Capture leads anywhere, anytime on the show floor or virtually anywhere someone is wearing a badge during the event time period.
  • Simply scan or enter the attendee’s badge to capture the record
  • Add a note, select a qualifier or ask a survey question (e.g. make note of a hot prospect, flag a prospect for telephone follow-up, assign a salesperson to the account, and so much more)
  • Customizable action codes and survey questions
  • Leads are date and time stamped
  • All leads uploaded to secure website for easy retrieval and lead management
Lost your data? No problem. 
Eland maintains a copy of lead retrieval data for three weeks after each show and can email a copy of your file to you if you lose your files. And we can help troubleshoot any issues you many have merging your records into a document, creating a spreadsheet, or importing it into your database.
Lead retrieval can be coupled with Eland’s registration services to offer a comprehensive end-to-end database management system for exhibitors and show management.